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PrevEx Flammability Analyzers Lower Energy Costs

Product Announcement from Control Instruments Corp.

The installation of the PrevEx Flammability Analyzers in heating process ovens & dryers allows the implementation of several money-saving steps:

  • A reduction of ventilation air without affecting existing production rates or violating the NFPA safety directives.
  • An increase in production speed without increasing existing air or fuel costs
  • Compound savings by reusing, rather than expelling, some of a hot exhaust stream back into an oven zone
  • Reduction of oven exhaust rates to lower the demand on VOC destruction oxidizers

Benefits can range from a simple reduction of heated ventilation air to a combination of both reduced heating and increased production.  This can result in dramatic fuel savings.

PrevEx Flammability Analyzers offer:

  • Fast:  Less than one second response time
  • Universal:  Gives consistent and reliable readings even when faced with multiple or changing solvent concentrations
  • Failsafe:  Designed to ensure perfect safety under all conditions
  • Heated: Heated to prevent sample condensation and withstand corrosive elements
  • Reliable:  Cannot be poisoned or contaminated
  • Accurate:  Performs under the demands of the industrial environment