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Unidrive SP

Positioning Using AC Vector Motors

If you need to accurately position the motor, but don't require the high speed and rapid acceleration dynamics of a servomotor, the Unidrive SP with an encoder-equipped AC induction motor could be your optimum performance solution.

The flexibility and high performance of the Unidrive SP make it possible to control three phase induction motors on applications that previously demanded higher priced servo motors. Point-to-point indexing and material handling applications are ideal for utilizing this capability, especially when motors above 5 hp are required. The cost savings is significant due to the lower cost of materials used in the induction rotor design.

AC induction motors have rotors with more mass and larger diameters than servo motors of the same torque capacity, and therefore higher inertia. This is helpful for high load-to-motor inertia ratios, and in most cases can eliminate the need for inertia matching gear reduction. The higher inertia of these systems also results in greater low-speed stability.

Benefits of Vector Motor Positioning

• Overcomes high load inertia mismatches with use of larger AC motors without the expense of large servomotors and/or gear reducers

• Provides precise high-speed positioning when rapid accel/decel rates are not required

• Enables low-cost, error-free closed loop performance in applications that would be cost prohibitive were traditional servo systems used

• Eliminates environmental and maintenance issues associated with hydraulic and pneumatic systems

• Plug-and-play fieldbus integration into full-featured control systems

• Integrated, scalable PLC functionality reduces panel space and wiring costs.

• Simplified programming, quick startup and advanced diagnostics

Unidrive SP and the SM-EZMotion Solution Module

The Unidrive SP is a universal 3Ø, 230V, 460V, 575V and 690V AC drive to 2,900 hp that can operate in V/hz, open-loop, closed loop, servo, Rotor Flux Control or regenerative mode. It has built in PLC capability, and supports all major feedback devices as standard, and its cost- and space-saving Solution Module technology provides for PLC scalability, second encoder, support for all major fieldbus protocols, and numerous I/O options.

The SM-EZMotion module enables Control Techniques to simplify Vector Positioning by employing PowerTools Pro software for a "Motion Made Easy" solution. PowerTools Pro offers users an intuitive Windows™ interface and flexible fill-in-the-box and drag-and-drop tools to get applications up in running in hours, instead of days or weeks.

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