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Product Announcement from Conwed Global Netting Solutions

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We test, experiment and push the limits of technology to find new and unusual features for your project.

Our customers face product development challenges all the time and find in Conwed a partner willing to push the limits of technology to deliver tailored solutions. Our R&D team thrives on exploring unusual, untested, out-of-the-box concepts. What if you add insect-repellent properties or anti-static features? How about photo-degraders, fire-retardant additives or recycled materials?  Would thermoforming improve your product design? Based on your product application goals, Conwed can explore netting functionalities to help make your products truly unique.  

We have an open mindset in developing new and unexplored applications, so before assuming your project can’t be done, CHALLENGE US.


Depending on the resins and additives utilized, Conwed can customize netting characteristics and create unique innovative products. The following characteristics are just a sample of the extensive list of unique capabilities we could add to our netting portfolio.


Conwed is the leading plastic netting manufacturer in the world. Conwed manufactures extruded, oriented and knitted netting with unique customization capabilities. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Conwed has five manufacturing locations on two continents and a global distribution network.

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