Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera ToughPIX 2304XP

Product Announcement from CorDEX Instruments Inc.

Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera ToughPIX 2304XP-Image


The ToughPIX 2304XP explosion proof digital camera is CSA certified for image capture within Class I Div.1 B, C & D hazardous (explosive) areas. Incorporating an onboard, fully automatic strobe flash and red-eye reduction, ToughPIX 2304XP can capture still images in extreme, low light situations at the touch of a button.

ToughPIX 2304XP has a rugged NEMA 3R design with easy access controls for when wearing protective clothing. Combining its still image and movie capture capability, ToughPIX 2304XP allows documentation of equipment and processes within your explosive area quickly and easily.

Incorporating a 5 mega pixel sensor, ToughPIX 2304XP has the ability to capture images up to 10 mega pixels, plus moving pictures in AVI format. Still images and movies can be reviewed on the armored LCD screen located at the rear of the camera, even in the field.

Available with onboard image storage of 4 or 8GB* ToughPIX 2304XP can store hundreds of images which are then transferred via high speed USB communications link to a PC, once in the safe area.