Composite Technology

Product Announcement from Crown Plastics Co., Inc.

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Thermoplastic composites are composites that use a thermoplastic polymer as a matrix. These composites can be reinforced with glass, carbon, aramid or metal fibers. A thermoplastic polymer is a long chain polymer that can be be either amorphous in structure or semi-crystalline. These polymers are long chain, medium to high molecular weight materials, whose general properties are those of toughness, resistance to chemical attack and long shelf life. More importantly, thermoplastics offer environmental advantages over traditional thermosets due to its recyclability and emitting no or low VOCs.

Crown Plastics applies its proven expertise in continuous sheet manufacturing to thermoplastic composite technology.

We offer the following capabilities:

• Continuous belt press (unlimited lengths*)
* Dependent upon composite components
• 700º F temperature capability
• 30″ width (with 48″ expandability)
• Up to .125″ thick cross sectional molding (solid molded sheet)
• Up to 1.5″ total thickness for surface skin lamination (example - honeycomb lamination)
• Multilayer lamination
• Powdered resin molding
• Debulking
• Continuous roll handling

Contact Us to receive a Sample Kit of composite sheets and to discuss your composite sheeting requirements.

Crown Plastics headquartered in Harrison, Ohio (Cincinnati) in a 55,000 square foot, ISO 9001:2008 certified, manufacturing facility has been delivering advanced thermoplastic solutions since 1973.  In 2008, Crown Plastics expanded internationally with the addition of a manufacturing operation in Xiamen, China.