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Ready To Set New Power Standards With QSK95 Engine

The new C3000 Series generator set offering up to 3.5 megawatts (MW). The C3000 Series incorporates the new Cummins QSK95 engine to set a new industry standard as the most powerful high-speed diesel genset. For multiple-set applications, the exceptionally high-output of the C3000 Series will increase power installation efficiency and realise higher economies of scale.

The C3000 Series genset is ideally suited to provide critical power protection for facilities requiring high-output gensets such as data centres, hospitals and utilities. In developing countries, the C3000 Series meets the need for high-output gensets to support gaps in the power grid infrastructure. For mining, oil and gas projects in remote locations, the need for dependable micro-grids generating cleaner, lower-cost power makes the C3000 Series an attractive option.

Equally impressive as the high power output of the C3000 Series genset is the ability to meet stringent EPA Tier 4 Final emissions taking effect in 2015. Cummins Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after treatment system is intended to replace the exhaust muffler on the genset, offering a proven and highly flexible packaging solution.

The C3000 Series genset leverages Cummins "Power Of One" capability, with single-company design and manufacture of all key systems. The new QSK95 engine, alternator, controls and Tier 4 SCR after treatment have been developed simultaneously with the C3000 to deliver a fully integrated and highly optimised generator set. Performance validation work will continue during 2012, followed by a rigorous series of customer field tests during 2013 and 2014.

"The new C3000 Series genset with the QSK95 engine will change expectations of what can be achieved by high-speed diesel technology, marrying industry-leading power density with increased durability," said Tony Satterthwaite, President - Cummins Power Generation Business.

"Designed as a global product platform, the C3000 Series genset can be used anywhere in the world for standby, prime or continuous duty applications - with the ability to meet the toughest emissions requirements.

"The C3000 Series will mark the start of a new line of diesel- and gas-powered generator sets. When the larger QSK120 version of the QSK95 engine becomes available, this will extend our product line beyond 4 megawatts. Our natural gas-powered product line will be designed specifically for gas, not just a derivative of the diesel product line," added Satterthwaite.

At 3.5-MW output, the C3000 Series will have the highest power rating available in a high-speed diesel genset. Compared with larger medium-speed gensets, the C3000 Series provides a footprint reduction of 30 percent to 40 percent, and a lower capital cost.

Performance Optimised

Flexible customised packaging based on standard configurations will be available with the C3000 Series. Performance can be optimised among fuel consumption, transient response and emissions reduction to suit different application needs.

The C3000 Series genset will seamlessly fit within Cummins large-power project expertise, with individual projects designed and commissioned with up to 260 MW installed power. Cummins Power Generation has invested heavily in switchgear and transfer switch capability to support these highly complex power projects.

The C3000 Series genset will be tested in the recently opened Acoustical Testing Centre (ATC) at the Fridley, Minnesota headquarters of Cummins Power Generation. The largest engine-testing facility of its kind in the world, the ATC testing helps eliminate any external noise interference with a state-of-the-art hemi-anechoic (no echo) chamber, allowing for the precise measurement of noise output from the fully assembled genset.

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