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The EnerChip™ CBC005 is a solid state, thin film, rechargeable energy storage device rated at 5μAh at 3.8V. It is ideal as a localized on-board power source to retain memory or maintain real-time clock function in mobile systems when main power is interrupted. The CBC005 is the smallest rechargeable energy storage device available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and is a superior alternative to button and coin cell batteries and super-capacitors in handheld devices.

Board mounting area of the CBC005 is less than 1/2 the area of a 1210 (3225 metric) surface mount device and less than 1/4 the thickness. Such dimensions make the CBC005 ideal for space-constrained applications.

Because of their solid state design, EnerChip™ energy storage devices are able to withstand solder reflow temperatures and can be processed in high-volume manufacturing lines similar to conventional semiconductor devices. In contrast to traditional rechargeable batteries and super-capacitors, there are no harmful gases, liquids or special handling procedures associated with the EnerChip™.

The CBC005 is based on a patented, all solid state, rechargeable lithium cell with a nominal 3.8V output. Recharge is fast and simple with a direct connection to a 4.1V voltage source and no current limiting components required. Recharge time is 15 minutes to 80% capacity. A robust design offers thousands of charge/discharge cycles. The CBC005 is delivered as a 1.7mm x 2.25mm x 0.175mm bare die with two wirebondable pads for co-packaging with other components or chip-on-board mounting. Die are shipped in tape-and-reel, waffle packs, and trays.

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