Product Announcement from Cynmar Corporation


BINOC STEREO ZOOM MICROSCOPE, 1600 SRS 0.7x-4.5x Stock#: CSZ08636

Provides Sharp, 3-D Images, Zoom range: 0.7x to 4.5x, Magnification with 10x Eyepiece: 7x to 45x, Total Possible Magnification (15x Eyepiece and 1.5x Optional Auxillary Lens): 15.8x to 101.3x
• Zoom stereo microscopes designed for scientific and medical research, and educational laboratories
• Presenting a clear, precise 3-D image throughout the entire zoom range, this microscope is an excellent choice for precision manipulation
• Binocular; with diopter adjustments of -5 to +5; inclined at 45°, rotates 360°
• Bilateral zoom control knobs for flexibility
• Interpupillary adjustment 53mm to 75mm
• 10x Widefield eyepieces with a field number of 22mm
• Zoom range: 0.7x to 4.2x
• Objective zoom with a 10x eyepiece provides 7x to 45x magnification
• Two auxiliary lenses available: 0.5x, and 1.5x
• Working distance: 90mm (3½")
• Anti-mildew coating on all optics
• Zoom adjustments made easy with two large side knobs
• Rack and pinion focusing with tension control prevents drifting
• Stand provides great flexibility for viewing larger objects
• Both the above and sub-stage illumination systems feature variable intensity controls and are powered by an on/off switch - Above stage illumination: 12V-10W Halogen reflector bulb - Substage: 12V-10W Halogen bulb. Illumination system options: above only, sub-stage only, above and sub together.
• Approximate height: 399mm (15.7" high); Base size: 260mm x 290mm (10¼" x 11½") with stain resistant enamel finish
• Includes cover and instruction manual
• Limited Lifetime Warranty