Pipeline Delumper®

Product Announcement from DELUMPER® Division, Franklin Miller, Inc.

Pipeline Delumper®-Image

The Pipeline Delumper® - inline processor - connects directly to pipe or duct system via standard pipe flanges. This unit quickly alleviates blockages, works the stream to free flow, improves processing and prevents damage to downstream equipment.

This unit aggressively reduces entrained solids and immediately improves the flow properties of the system This unit has helped systems run smoothly and efficiently in applications worldwide.

The Pipeline Delumper processes a wide variety of chemicals, rubber, foodstuffs, waste, plastics and wet or dry materials of all types. This ultra-compact, pressure-rated processor installs easily into any pipe systems like an ordinary valve.

The Pipeline Delumper features a cartridge seal design with a choice of available seals suitable for liquids, pneumatic or gravity applications.

These units are available with a variety of optional configurations including direct or belt drive, mechanical seal or packing seals, hardfacing and more.