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Automatic Screwfeeding with Electric Screwdrivers

Product Announcement from DEPRAG, Inc.

The two different Screwfeeding designs available, are the vibratory design and the sword-feeder design. The vibratory design offers the fastest processing time. The vibratory feeder consists of a vibratory magnet, which in connection with a 3-spring set that is stimulated and controlled by a microprocessor, generates a micro-wave movement that effectively transports the screws to a separator (singulator). The air-blast connected to the separator will shoot each screw individually through a hose into the tooling at the tip of the Screwdriver. The screw reloading is different with the electric screwdrivers, since there is no flow-sensor that detects a pressure-drop in an airline. Instead, the controller produces a screw-reload signal at the end of a drive cycle.

The sword feeder incorporates a lift-rail, which moves through the container and simultaneously aligns, lifts and transports the screw by gravity to a separator.Where the vibratory feeder allows the fastest transport of screws, the sword feeder is very gentle to screws (no vibration and screws rubbing against each other) and has the lowest noise level of only 48 dB(A).