Product Announcement from DEPRAG, Inc.

DEPRAG 3-HP Turbo Angle Grinder-Image

Due to the TURBO motor, which does not require vanes, these robust tools are extremely reliable, simple to maintain, and they have an increased longevity. The construction of those grinders incorporate an axial turbine, which provides a power-to-weight ration second to none. The grinder is much lighter, more compact in size and generates double the power output of common surface grinders. The main features are:

Model No. GAT 812-220BX

· Material removal at high speed and with high power (lower wheel consumption)

· Oilfree operation (this tools does not need lubrication)

· Low vibration (due to increased vibration dampening and integrated auto-balancing unit)

· Superior longevity (tool does not need exchanging of vanes since no standard air-motor is used)

· Exceptional high power output (this small and lightweight grinder can be used on heavy-duty fabrication jobs)

· Flexibility in speed due to integrated speed-regulator

· Can be used with grinding wheels, pot-wheels and cut-off disks

· Incorporates an auto-adjustable safety-guard (no tool is needed for the mounting or removal of wheels/disks)

· Integrated spindle-lock

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