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MINIMAT-E in Pistolgrip Design

Product Announcement from DEPRAG, Inc.

MINIMAT-E in Pistolgrip Design-Image

The function of these pistolgrip drivers is identical to the already known "inline" Screwdrivers, allowing a freely programmable assembly process. Within the power range of the four different models offered, it is possible to adjust all parameters such as torque, angle, speed, direction of rotation and much more. The DEPRAG Minimat®-E screwdrivers also offer a "torque-holding-time" feature, which compensates for relaxing joints.


One of the advantages of using this screwdriver series is the fact that both straight and pistolgrip drivers use the identical controller AST-10-1, making interchangeability a snap. The features of the controller include standard screwdriving programs for tightening screws to a specific torque or loosening a fastener to a specific angle. The parameter may be adjusted directly via the controller's keypad.

The most unique feature however, is the integrated web-browser, which utilizes any commonly known browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. No special software is required, nor does any software have to be purchased. The Controller itself contains all necessary components for a fast, easy, simple programming, installation and hookup.