Product Announcement from DEPRAG, Inc.

 Air-Operated Screwdriver From DEPRAG-Image

However, the most INTRIGUING feature is the integrated LED directly on the Screwdriver, which gives the Operator a visual display whether the assembly is considered

OK [green LED] or

NOT OK [red LED]

Naturally, the controller also allows the evaluation and processing of the torque values, direction of rotation, screwdriving time and it also includes a counter verifying that all screws [if multiple screws are driven into one product] were actually assembled into the product.

The Controller will display the following error messages, if a NOT O.K. assembly occurs:

- screwdriving time too long / too short

- Torque too low / too high

- Incorrect drive direction

- Not all screws were assembled

The precision level of the integrated transducer is less than 3% standard deviation. This MINIMAT-QC product line is currently available as straight [inline] tools with a torque range from 4 – 177 in.lbs. and as an Angle-Head tool having a torque range of 36 – 310 in.lbs.

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