Product Announcement from DESCH Canada Ltd.

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Drive technology

For mobile applications DESCH uses its many years of experience to develop efficient drive solutions for system components in the form of partial and complete solutions along the entire drive train.

DESCH shiftable clutches combined with V-belt drives are very popular in mobile machinery.

Mobile crushers

DESCH hydraulic Planox® clutches PHA-HR in the drive of mobile crushers in combination with highly elastic couplings and a V-belt drive, comprising a V-belt pulley and heavy-duty flywheel.

Vacuum vehicles

Pneumatic DESCH Planox® clutches PPF combined with V-belt pulleys, mounted on the free shaft end of water and vacuum pumps.

Road sweepers

DESCH centrifugal and friction clutches in the drive of road sweepers with auxiliary engines. Using friction clutches, a diesel motor drives the fan via a V-belt drive.

Road millers

DESCH supplies the entire drive system between the diesel motor and mill drum, comprising a hydraulic DESCH Planox® clutch PHA, highly elastic coupling, pump distributor gearbox and V-belt drive.

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