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Severe Service Control Valves

The HI-100 product line from DFT, Inc. features a unique in-line, through-ported, venturi nozzle design which was developed specifically for severe service applications. The HI-100 provides smooth control when throttling and can be used for on/off applications as well.

The Straight-thru design solves your performance problems with its ability to smooth flow and provides precise linear control with a 200:1 turndown ratio. In-line repairability lowers your cost of maintenance and a long service life lowers your cost of ownership.

The HI-100 handles high pressure drops in liquids, gases and steam. The in-line porting manages wet steam, dirty fluids, abrasives and slurries effectively.

Key design features to remember:

  • Straight-thru design
  • ¼" to 8" *
  • ANSI 150 to 4500 and special High Pressure
  • Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel Stainless and High Alloys
  • Weld End , Flanged, or Custom End Prep
  • Linear Characteristic
  • Temperatures: -425° F to 1900° F
  • In-line Repair
  • Quick Change Trim
  • Top or Bottom Entry
  • Low Operating Thrust
  • Manual, Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic Actuation

* Larger sizes consult factory.

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Click here for additional product information including specifications, our data sheet and access to our complete control valve catalog.

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