Valve Solves Turbine High Flow Lock Out Problems

Product Announcement from DFT Inc.

Valve Solves Turbine High Flow Lock Out Problems-Image

High Flow Lock Out on Water Injected Turbines?

Problem Solved!

DFT® Inc., manufacturers of high quality, silent in-line check valves, has solved the problem of "High Flow Lock Out" on water injected dual and single fuel turbines.

The problem: Water injected combustion turbines are notorious for being difficult to start when switching from diesel fuel to natural gas. If any of the twenty factory installed check valves fail, it will allow air to back up to the isolation valve causing a failure mode on the turbine. Since it is impossible to detect which valve has failed, all must be taken out of the line and checked. All of this causes the turbine to go into "High Flow Lock Out" which is even more of a problem for remote start stations.

The solution: Install our GLC® silent check valve, with customized sizing, into the water injection supply line. The GLC® eliminates the back up of air to the isolation valve and your problem is solved!

Contact the experts at DFT® and let our check and control valves, be part of your next outage plans.

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