Water Hammer? Our Check Valves Prevent It….

Product Announcement from DFT Inc.

The DFT® Model SCV® Check Valve is a corrosion resistant, dependable, versatile and economical spring-assisted, in-line check valve for a wide range of applications. The SCV® Check Valve provides tight shut-off and protects other equipment in the system from water hammer in liquid, gas or steam services. Stainless, Hastelloy C and Alloy 20 construction insures a long service life.

DFT® Inc., manufacturers of the broadest product offering of in-line, spring assisted, and silent check valves, builds the SCV® Check Valve for liquid, steam or gas applications. Its ½"-3" threaded, stainless steel body rated 750 CWP/500 WSP, and ruggedly constructed seat and disc will outperform and outlast other styles of check valves. Built for longevity, SCV® Check Valves have performed flawlessly in service for over one million cycles. Widely accepted amongst OEM's and company's seeking to eliminate repeated service issues, the SCV® Check Valve delivers the return on investment.

Watch our Water Hammer Video to see how DFT's Check Valves outperform swing check valves and prevent water hammer.

DFT® also offers the SCV® Check Valve in Alloy 20, 300#, Hastelloy® C, and socket weld connections, 3600 CWP.

And did you know DFT® would size your check valve based on YOUR flow conditions?

Want to find out more about the SCV® Check Valve and the other fine DFT® check valve product line ranging from ½"-36"? Contact us at dft@dft-valves.com and visit our website at www.dft-valves.com.