Product Announcement from Daco Hand Controllers

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From economical standard control grips to tailored joysticks for military equipment, Daco Scientific has the expertise to assist with your project. We offer a range of options that you can use to configure a hand controller or take advantage of our full design-and-build service, available for your even more specialised requirements. Alternatively, you may be able to find your solution amongst the many hundreds of custom built designs we have already produced

Daco Scientific offers specialized joysticks and controllers for many applications such as

· Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles

· Weapon Fire Control

· Broadcasting Equipment

· Joysticks

· Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

· Medical Equipment

· Command and Control

· Armoured Fighting Vehicles

· Simulators

To explore how Daco Scientific can assist with controllers tailored to your application click on the Product Details web link on the leftt, or e mail us. We welcome your inquiries

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