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Braided Packing

Product Announcement from Daemar Inc.

Braided Compression Packing

The following is listing of our most popular packing styles. In addition, our manufacturers fabricate a wide variety of other constructions designed to meet specific customer requirements.Daemar is a proud Distributor of Chemstar Mechanical Packings.

Square Braided

Also known as square plaited braid. Yarns, rovings, ribbons, and other various materials, either alone or in combination, are processed on equipment where strands pass over and under strands running in the same direction. Resulting packings are usually supplied in square cross-section, but rectangular sizes can also be braided by this method. The packing is usually soft and can carry a large percentage of lubricant. Square braided packings are easy on equipment and are generally used for high-speed rotary service at relatively low pressure. The packing softness makes it usable on old or worn equipment.

Braid over Braid

Also known as round braid or multiple braid. Round braiding machines braid tubular jackets using yarns, ravings, ribbons, and other forms of various materials, either alone or in combination. Size is obtained by braiding jackets one over the other (braid-over-braid). Finished packings can be supplied in round, square, or rectangular cross section. Braid-over-braid packings are relatively dense and are recommended for high-pressure, slow-speed applications such as valve stems, expansion joints, groove gasketing, etc.

Braid over Core

Finished product is produced by braiding one or more jackets of yarns, rovings, ribbons, or other forms of various materials over a core, which may be extruded, twisted, wrapped, or knitted. This construction allows for a wide range of densities and different cross sectional shapes.


Yarns, rovings, ribbons, and other forms of various materials, either alone or in combination, are processed on equipment where the strands crisscross from the surface diagonally through the body of the packing. Each strand is strongly locked by other strands to form a solid integral structure that cannot easily ravel or come apart in service. There are no jackets to wear through, and no plaits to come loose. lnterbraid packing has a more even distribution of yarn density throughout and has the potential for improved lubricant retention. The finished packing is relatively dense, but flexible. Interbraid packings are suitable for applications on both reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, agitators, valves, expansion joints, and in grooves. Interbraid construction is offered by manufacturers using their own brand name for the construction, such as "Cross-Locked", "Inter-Lock", "Interlocking", "Lattice", "Multi-Lok". All offer versatile and adaptable packings that deliver outstanding performance in general service for most plants.

Die Form

A pre-compressed ring form in which many compression packing materials can be supplied to provide controlled density and size.