Mechanical Seals - Large Selection of Types

Product Announcement from Daemar Inc.

Daemar delivers a range of Mechanical Seal solutions from the standard Types A, B, C, D and E. Daemar can also supply custom seals such as our new Type W Axial Shaft Seal.

Single Spring Style

Daemar offers a full range of Single Spring "Pusher" Mechanical Seals. Including the standard Types A, B, C, D and E. Which are equivalent to type 6, 6A, 21, 2, 1.

Type W Axial Shaft Seals
The DMR™ Type W Mechanical Seal consists of two identical steel rings
and rubber belleville washers. The seal operates by preloading the two
rubber washers and fl oating the two polished steel faces between them
within the seal chamber

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