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EHC-09 Color Ultrasonic Thickness Gage-Image

Danatronics is proud to introduce the world's SMALLEST and ONLY ultrasonic thickness gage with high resolution COLOR waveform display, The EHC-09 Wave. Unique features include live COLOR A-Scan, Encoded B-Scan, 50K thickness reading (5000 waveforms) datalogger with interface program, vibration and COLOR change of waveform on alarm. The Live Waveform is critical in many applications requiring Waveform or A-Scan verification to ensure the displayed thickness value is correct. Typical applications at refineries and nuclear plants are the most critical including boiler tubes, high temperature piping and pressure vessels.The Live COLOR Waveform ensures the thickness readings are correct. Bond Inspection,Phase Reversal, High Temperature Measurements,Foreign object, De- lamination, Excessive wall thinning, Echo to Echo to ignore coatings,, mode converted echoes, lobe skipping and doubling are typical applications where the COLOR WAVE is the Ideal Solution.

Auto range centers echoes in the middle of the screen independent of material thickness. The blanking and gain adjustments are ideal for complete waveform adjustment and control. The echo to echo feature can ignore the paint or coating thickness. The waveform option can even be added to our popular EHC-09 gages. The Wave is available in Three Models, EHC-09 C, EHC-09 CW and EHC-09DL CW. The WAVE is now available with delay line and pencil probes ideal for hard to reach areas, radiused parts, thin materials and high temperature applications. Versions 1.9 and higher now support the use of angle beam transducers to display the soundpath components of detected echos. The WAVE also support multiple on screen languages including: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Finnish and German. New, version 3.0 (availalbe from the support tab of our website) includes improved minimum range and zoom auto tracking echo to echo.

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