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High Bandwidth Buffer Amplifier

Product Announcement from DaqScribe Solutions, LLC

High Bandwidth Buffer Amplifier-Image

The DSC200 high bandwidth buffer amplifier from DaqScribe Solutions, a leader in signal conditioning technology.

The DSC200 is a sixteen channel input, quad buffer output amplifier. The signal connections are via 37 pin D Subminiature connectors or BNC connectors. Each differential input channel is routed to four separate 37 pin D Subminiature output connectors where each output channel is individually buffered with a unity gain amplifier. Each input to the DSC200 buffer amplifier is a differential amplifier that will accept true differential or single ended signals. The architecture allows four devices to be connected to a single input channel, and as each output is buffered, the disruption of one output will not affect the other outputs for that channel; i.e., if channel 2 Output B is shorted, Outputs A, C and D on channel 2 will not be affected.

  • Gain Accuracy - 1.000 ±0.2%, typical
  • Sixteen (16) Differential Input channels
  • Four (4) Short Circuit Protected Outputs
  • -100 dB Noise Floor - 16 bit resolution
  • Bandwidth - DC to 200K Hz ±1 dB