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Product Announcement from Datacolor

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When buying paint, today’s customers have a lot of choices. The Datacolor PAINT™ family of feature-rich color matching systems gives them more reasons to keep choosing you. Only Datacolor PAINT™ has sheen determination, allowing you to match sheen as well as color. Datacolor systems quickly and easily match even hard-to-match shades, dark colors and glossy samples. Formulate colors to match virtually any sample. Help visualize chosen colors and accent shades. Provide speedy service through faster, better matching.

A family of solutions to help build your business. Datacolor understands your business and has created the Datacolor PAINT™ family of color matching solutions to improve your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Limit waste by reducing mis-tints and mistakes. Save time and money with Datacolor’s easy-to-use systems. Get the best matches with Datacolor’s state-of-the-industry hardware and software. Increase sales with Datacolor DECORATE™ and Datacolor COORDINATE™. Attract and keep customers with improved service

When you partner with Datacalor, you equip your store with state-of-the-industry systems and support. Here’s why:

  • Datacolor is known worldwide for the best technical support and service in the industry
  • Better technical features ensure better results
  • Reduce guesswork since smaller aperture option enables matching of small customer samples
  • Sheen determination ensures accurate color-and finish matching
  • Gloss compensation allows for better matches on hard-to-match reflective samples

Designed For:

Paint and coating industries


Paint Matching for every type of Sample

  • Boost worker confidence and increase productivity with Datacolor’s proven ability to create new paint formulas instantly from virtually any sample – textured, smooth, gloss, matte, fiber, film or textile.
  • Exclusive Sheen Determination Use Datacolor’s exclusive automatic sheen determination to ensure your customers get the color and appearance they want.
  • Match any swatch color in seconds Browse and match colors from your own or others, cross matching makes this a snap.
  • Help visualize chosen colors and accent shades Advanced visualization and color harmony modules for the ultimate home décor suggestive selling tools.

More Satisfied Customers

  • Add advanced visualization and color harmony modules for the ultimate home decor suggestive selling tools.
  • Use Datacolor’s exclusive automatic sheen determination to ensures your customers get the color AND appearance they want.
  • Win customer loyalty and repeat business with the accuracy and efficiency of advanced technology.
  • Create credibility and prevent embarrassing mistakes by using high-fidelity on-screen color previews.

More Productive Employees

  • New program skin so simple, sales associates focus on selling paint – not running computer software.
  • Boost worker confidence and increase productivity with Datacolor’s proven ability to create new paint formulas instantly from virtually any sample — textured, smooth, gloss, matte, fiber, film or textile.
  • Browse and match colors from your own or competitor ‘crossover’ color collections painlessly.

More Profit

  • Fewer mistakes mean higher margins. A leading paint retailer replaced our competitor’s system with Datacolor Paint and immediately reduced miss-tints by 74%.
  • Use Datacolor Paint to correct off-shade tints or mistakes – even from your competitor’s shops.
  • Datacolor instruments measure and match textured samples precisely – with no extra equipment to buy.
  • Update and expand product capabilities; add modules for virtual design without fear of costly downtime and retraining programs. All Datacolor PAINT products use a single data format and common interface to protect your training investment, preserve worker efficiency and eliminate growth pains.

Datacolor PAINT Retail Color Matching Out-performs the Competition

  • Best Matches on Textured Samples
  • Best on Glossy Samples or Across Sheen Levels
  • Highest Resolution Measurement – 256 points across the visible spectrum for the most color information
  • Measure swatches down to ¼ inch (6.5mm)
  • Huge library of fan decks and color cards
  • Backward compatibility and legacy color instrument support
  • Complete interoperability for painless upgrades and consistent operation
  • Gloss Compensation and Sheen Determination – Exclusive Datacolor Technology
  • Datacolor’s industry leading support for database production, product configuration and distribution assistance

About Us

Datacolor is a global leader in color management solutions and color communication technology. The world’s leading brands, manufacturers, creative professionals and consumers, have been choosing Datacolor’s innovative technology and solutions to consistently achieve the right color for 40 years.



The aesthetic appeal, comfort and quality of the vehicle interior is of key importance for car buyers during their decision making process. Datacolor can quickly roll out dependable global color communication programs for the automotive industry, delivering harmony among different materials with various surface textures.

Today’s competitive paint and coatings industry depends on globally distributed manufacturing to rapidly respond to customers’ needs while driving down costs. Our technology helps you standardize processes to guarantee color integrity throughout your supply chain. With the Datacolor formulation and QC systems, you can increase sales, reduce waste, and enhance quality.

Datacolor’s systems are perfect for the paper industry, offering precision numerical color measurements that provide exceptional consistency in color, brightness, opacity, pulp and additives. With Datacolor, what you see is what your customer sees.

As the plastics industry continues to develop innovative polymers and cutting edge designs, the marketplace simultaneously requires accelerated production times. Datacolor technology streamlines the process, allowing you to rise to the challenges of the marketplace, meet customer demands, and respond to new trends.

Provide your customers with the best color matching results in the industry with a Retail Paint Solution from Datacolor. Our easy-to-use paint software delivers excellent color matches from samples measured by the Datacolor 110™ Spectrophotometer (the same instrument used in many paint manufacturing color labs). And our new SelectKit gives you a very affordable option for color matching in your store. Software, like Coordinate™, allows you to generate complementary colors, while Decorate™ lets you visualize those colors on interiors and exteriors. And with Datacolor Spyder4®, you can enhance the visual accuracy of your on-screen colors.

To be globally competitive today, apparel and textile companies have to deal with shorter lead times, cost pressures, and increased quality and productivity demands. Datacolor’s proven family of products help you address these critical issues by enabling all partners in a textile supply chain to expedite color development and deliver optimum color management, adding significant value to the complex global sourcing process.


In today’s competitive marketplace, effective quality management is indispensable. Customers want to be confident that they are doing business with an organization that can meet or exceed their requirements in a timely manner.

We are pleased to inform you that on December 28th, 2009, Datacolor received its ISO 9001:2008 recertification for its Quality Management System at the company’s U.S.-based Lawrenceville, NJ, and Suzhou, China manufacturing facilities. Because it is an internationally recognized quality management system, ISO 9001:2008 certification gives Datacolor customers that confidence.

“We are very proud of our Lawrenceville and Suzhou teams for their contribution in helping us earn this prestigious recertification, which is accomplished by only a small percentage of companies,” says Niraj Agerwal, Vice President of Marketing for Datacolor. “This is just one more example of our ongoing commitment to achieving excellence in everything we do.”