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Firesleeve Hose & Cable Protection

Product Announcement from Davlyn Manufacturing Co., Inc.

 Firesleeve Hose & Cable Protection-Image

Davlyn Manufacturing offers Silco Sleeve® Industrial Grade Firesleeve is designed to protect hoses, wires and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame.

It protects continuously to 260°C/500°F and will withstand a molten splash at 1200°C/2200°F. Made of knitted fiberglass yarns in a flexible substrate, it is coated with a high grade silicone rubber.

Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and fuels, Silco Sleeve® insulates against energy loss in piping and hosing; protects employees from burns; and allows "bundling" of wires, hoses, and cables.

This is the perfect cover to protect hydraulic hoses, pneumatic lines and wiring bundles.

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