HART-Enabled Detectors

Product Announcement from Det-Tronics

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Det-Tronics' Adds to Line of Detectors that Communicates via the HART Protocol

Enhancement simplifies information management and predictive maintenance.

Detector Electronics Corporation (Det-Tronics) recently added HART functionality to its X9800, X2200, and X5200 flame detectors. Now all of Det-Tronics' X-Series flame detectors and many of its gas detectors communicate via HART. The HART protocol permits digital signals carrying information such as diagnostic parameters and device configuration to be transmitted simultaneously with the 4-20 mA analog signal.

The enhancement leads to more efficient device set up because facilities can easily configure and adjust many detector variables to their needs. For example, a device can be given a recognizable name, such as "line1 flame detector." Variables then can be set and adjusted using universal HART commands.

"Workers in the control room or field can configure or change device settings using a variety of tools," says Product Manager Mike Bragg. "They can enter HART commands locally or remotely via our FlexVuâ Universal Display, a HART communicator, or an asset management system."

Modifications to device settings are simple. By sending a command, a user initiates calibrations, reviews logs, or adjusts alarm and warning set points. In addition, users accurately assess device conditions (such as fault frequency) and prepare for tasks before venturing into the field.

Easily accessible, automatically generated event logs present viewable history and possibilities for improvements. Time- and date-stamped records of activities such as calibration and device replacement provide regulatory-compliance evidence for system audits.

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