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Conductive Cushion Gasket EMI Shielding

Product Announcement from Device Technologies, Inc.

Conductive Cushion Gasket EMI Shielding-Image

Conductive Foam Cushions FS Series for EMI Shielding and Grounding Applications

Conductive Foam Cushion shielding offers an innovative approach to traditional shielding and grounding by providing X, Y and Z axis conductivity which enhances the shielding effectiveness. This is required to meet the increasing microprocessor speeds of today's computer, telecommunications and aerospace equipment.

Conductive Foam Cushions can be constructed in a broad range of thickness' and from a diverse selection of conductive foam, conductive fabric and a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

The foam is plated with either Copper/Nickel or Silver and remains very flexible while providing excellent shielding effectiveness. (>70dB)

Conductive pressure sensitive adhesive eases installation on an infinite number of substrates. Conductive foam cushions can be easily die cut, kiss cut etc. to whatever the end application requires.


EMI shielding for all electronics including:

Personal Computers, AV equipment, Photocopiers, Mobile phones, Radio equipment, Measuring

Instruments, Medical equipment, and other electronic appliances

Grounding between electronic equipment casings and frames, between PCBs and chassis

Other Available Options

In addition to the standard configurations shown above, we offer Conductive Cushions with the following characteristics:

• Laminated fabric construction

• Perforated and Ag paste loaded for superior electrical pass through

• Flame retardant adhesives

• Conductive resin coating on top fabric surface to enhance abrasion resistance

• Gold plated fabrics for superior surface conductivity