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Next generation data acquisition from DEWETRONFor years engineers faced with the most demanding test and measurement applications have built acquisition instruments based on plug-in bus cards like VME, VXI and PXI.
But despite their power, VME and VXI never achieved widespread acceptance in the mainstream data market due to their size and cost, and the lack of easy to use, turnkey software. PXI systems have come closer, but their small front panels have little room for connectors, and most end-users are still faced with writing their own software and essentially building their own system from commercially available components.

Dewetron has solved these limitations with a whole new series of data acquisition platforms called the DEWE2. At the heart of the DEWE2 is a new series of TRION plug-in modules. Under development at Dewetron for several years, TRION modules combine the convenience, mechanical robustness and modularity of PXI, with a larger front panel, capable of containing 8 RJ45 connectors for strain gage sensors, 6 or 8 IEPE sensor connectors, or 4 or 8 isolated high voltage inputs - on a single TRION module. TRION modules are inserted from the front of the DEWE2 chassis, and can be exchanged by the owner in seconds.

TRION modules plug in and out using the same robust locking / ejector mechanism made popular by the PXI standard. This also means that they are held so securely in place that Dewetron has doubled or even tripled many of their shock and vibration specifications compared to other models.
And by combining the high quality signal conditioning that Dewetron is famous for, with 24-bit ADC converters on the same card, the accuracy specifications have also increased dramatically.

Multiple TRION modules available todayThere are multiple TRION modules available, as well as a wide range of DEWE2 platforms to hold them, both with and without built-in computers. The DEWE2-A4, for example, is an all-in one platform with four slots for any combination of TRION modules, a powerful Intel i7 processor running Windows7 OS, and a built-in display and keyboard. Despite its data acquisition power, this unit is physically smaller and lighter than previous models with the same number of channels by nearly 50%. Channel "density" is thus greatly enhanced by the DEWE2 series.
Dewetron's SideHAND battery power technology can also be added to portable DEWE2 chassis, allowing them to run for hours without any external power connected.

There are DEWE2 instruments offering from 4 to 18 TRION slots. Chassis can be daisy-chained to create DEWE2 systems with hundreds or even thousands of channels. Multiple chassis systems are fully synchronized using an internal time code generator in the master unit, and receivers in the expansion chassis.TRION modules.

Here is a brief overview of the TRION modules that are already available for delivery. All TRION analog input cards feature a separate 24-bit A/D converter on each channel for the highest dynamic range, robust brick-wall anti-aliasing filtering, and 200 kS/s/ch max sample rate. They also feature multiple user selectable 2/4/6/8 pole low-pass hardware filters. Some modules also include high-pass hardware filters:

TRION-2402-dSTG - differential strain gage/universal module, available with 6 or 8 channels per module, capable of:Strain gage / bridge: ±1, ±3, ±10, ±30, ±100, ±300, ±1000 mV/V or mV/mA selectable sensitivities. Supporting full, half, and quarter bridges with built-in completion, shunt cal, auto-balance, self-check, and 3/4/5/6 wire hook-ups.Voltage: ±10, ±30, ±100, ±300 mV, ±1 V, ±3 V, ±10 V selectable rangesIEPE accelerometers and microphones: ±100 mV, 300 mV, 1 V, 3 V, 10 V rangesResistance measurements (string pots, etc.), and current (via external shunt): 10, 30, 100, 300 Ω; 1, 3, 10, 30 kΩCurrent: many different ranges based on the external shunt resistor connected (4-20 mA, 1A, 5A e.g.)

TRION-2402-dACC - differential IEPE/voltage module, available with 6 or 8 channels per module, capable of:Voltage: ±30, ±100, ±300 mV, ±1, ±3 V, ±10 V, ±30 V, ±100 V, ±200 V selectable rangesIEPE accelerometers and microphones: ±100 mV, 300 mV, 1 V, 3 V, 10 V rangesResistance measurements (string pots, etc.), and current (via external shunt)

TRION-2402-HV - isolated high voltage module, available with 4 or 8 channels per module, with ±2000 VDC over-voltage protection, capable of:Voltage: ±0.3 V, ±1 V, ±3 V, ±10 V, ±30 V, ±100 V, ±400 V and ±1400 V selectable rangesCurrent: many different ranges based on the external shunt resistor connected (4-20 mA, 1A, 5A e.g.)

TRION-CAN - isolated CAN BUS interface, available with 2 or 4 high speed CAN / J1939 / OBD II interfaces

TRION-BASE - basic digital module with 8 digital inputs and 8 digital I/Os, TTL level with 30 V over-voltage protectionTwo advanced TTL counter / encoder inputsIsolated synch interface to expansion chassisProgrammable sync interface, configured by default for DEWE-CAM series video cameras

TRION-TIMING - Same as TRION-BASE except replaced the 8 digital inputs with an IRIG TIME CODE interface, supports IRIG signal code A or B, AC or DC (modulated/demodulated). This module still has the 8 digital I/O lines and one counter/encoder input, sync interface, and programmable sync configured for the DEWE-CAM.

TRION-DIO-4800 - 48 isolated digital input lines, TTL, with 35V over-voltage protection

DEWE2 platform choicesDEWE2 chassis are available in many sizes, shapes, and with both with and without a built-in computer. Those with computer are also available with or without a built-in display. Here are the models already available:

  • DEWE2-A4Built-in computer (Intel i7), removable HDDBuilt-in flatpanel display and keyboardFour TRION module slots
  • DEWE2-M4Same as DEWE2-A4 except no display
  • DEWE2-M4sSame as DEWE2-M4 except ultra-compact design
  • DEWE2-A7Built-in computer (Intel i7), removable HDDBuilt-in flatpanel display and keyboardSeven TRION module slots
  • DEWE2-M7Same as DEWE2-A7 except no display
  • DEWE2-A13Built-in computer (Intel i7), removable HDDBuilt-in flatpanel display and keyboard13 TRION module slots
  • DEWE2-M13Same as DEWE2-A13 except no display
  • DEWE2-F18EXPANSION chassis - can be connected to any DEWE2 system to add more channels18 slots for TRION modules

Easy to use softwareGreat hardware is nothing without great software, therefore Dewetron designed the DEWE2 hardware to be 100% compatible with the best data acquisition software on the market, DS-7. This turn-key package has gained wide acceptance in numerous industries worldwide due to its graphical user interface and ease of use. DS-7 is a great all around package for R&D and T&M applications, and has optional extensions for specific applications such as 3-phase power quality, noise and vibration, modal analysis, sine processing, order tracking, PCM data encoding and decoding, Chapter 10 data processing, and more. All DEWE2 platforms run DS-7 software.

For more information, the DEWE2 series can be seen at this link:

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