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D410 Series

Product Announcement from Dewetron, Inc.

D410 Series-Image

The D410 is a powerful benchtop data acquisition system which accepts up to 96 channels of differential signal conditioners, or up to 32 ISOLATED high bandwidth conditioners. The front panel is removable, so you can place the 17" touchscreen anywhere.

Big Touchscreen Display

The front panel contains a big 17" high resolution touchscreen display. This ruggedized "tablet" can be removed from the unit and placed feet away from the mainframe, for maximum convenience. The touchscreen itself is capacitive for incredible transparency. Therefore it also supports MULTI TOUCH, just like today's smart phones, where implemented.

Flexible Rear Panel

The D410 is the most versatile all-in-one data acquisition system from DEWETRON, in terms of which combination of signal conditioners, types, and quantities can be installed on the rear panel.

For example, if you prefer our plug-in ISOLATION modules, such as the DAQ / HSI / PAD series, the D410 is the only DEWETRON model that can hold up to 32 of them!

Or, if our DIFFERENTIAL MDAQ conditioners are a better fit for your application, the D410 can be configured with a staggering 96 channels on the rear panel.

Or how about a combination of plug-in modules, differential conditioners, and other connectors? The D410 can be configured with up to 16 DAQ / HSI / PAD plug-in modules PLUS up to 64 channels of differential MDAQ channels. The rear panel is modular, arranged in PANELS which can be added and moved around in countless combinations. In short, the DEWE-3050 can be configured to handle all of the applications that you need to support.

Full Power Computer Inside

The D410 has a full power 8 core Intel i7 CPU inside, with 4 GB of RAM, for maximum performance under all conditions.

There are two removable hard drives on the right side panel: a C drive for the Windows7 operating system, and a larger D drive for data. The hard drive sizes are increasing all the time, but at press time the D drive was a 500 GB 2.5" drive. Solid state drives are also available, to allow the system to handle more shock and vibration.

There are 5 PCI slots inside for accepting our A/D and interface cards, so you can configure the D410 without worrying about running out of resources to add the cards that you need for your application.

Choice of A/D cards

DEWETRON ORION series A/D cards are at the top end of A/D cards on the market today. Here is a brief summary of what's available:

16-bit ORION cards

  • 16-channels, 100 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 16-bit resolution
  • 32-channels, 100 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 16-bit resolution
  • 16-channels, 500 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 16-bit resolution
  • 16-channels, 1000 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 16-bit resolution

22-bit ORION cards

  • 16-channels, 100 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 22-bit resolution
  • 32-channels, 100 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 22-bit resolution

24-bit ORION cards

  • 8-channels, 200 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 24-bit resolution
  • 16-channels, 200 kS/s/ch max sample rate, 24-bit resolution

All ORION cards features synchronous counter/encoder inputs that are ideal for order tracking, simple and advanced tachometer / RPM inputs, and even up to a full quadrature encoder. In addition there are synchronous digital input and output lines, so you can both record TTL level signals, as well as generate TTL alarm outputs based on user-defined conditions. For automotive applications, the ORION cards can also be equipped with 2 high speed CAN BUS interfaces.

Most ORION cards can be expanded to have MORE counters, MORE digital input lines, and HIGHER input ranges and definable trigger thresholds for the counters.


What put DEWETRON on the map 25 years ago was our signal conditioning excellence. No one else makes the range and depth of plug-in ISOLATION modules, with multiple ranges and filters, high bandwidth and high isolation! A brief overview of the most popular plug-in conditioners:

  • DAQP-HV high voltage module, ranges from ±20V to ±1400, 1800Vrms isolation, 300 kHz bandwidth, multiple LP filters
  • DAQP-LV low voltage module, ranges from ±10mV to ±50V, 1000Vrms isolation, 400 kHz bandwidth, multiple LP filters, choice of 5 connector types (BNC, banana, DB9, LEMO, screw terminal)
  • DAQP-STG strain gage / universal signal conditioner, capable of handling every kind of resistive measurement, 1/2, 1/4 and full bridge with completion, shunt cal, auto-balance, and self-test, 300 kHz bandwidth, and 350V isolation.
  • DAQP-FREQ-A isolated frequency to voltage module with separate outputs for F/V and TTL pulses, ranges up to 200 kHz
  • DAQP-MULTI universal signal conditioner for simple bridge, thermocouples, RTD, and low voltages and currents, 3 kHz bandwidth, and 350V isolation

And those are just a few of our conditioners! Please see our website for the full run down of higher bandwidth HSI series plug-in modules, as well as our factory installed MDAQ conditioners, with bandwidth from 30 kHz to 300 kHz.

Interface the world

Perhaps what makes DEWETRON systems so powerful in general is their ability to bring in data from such a wide variety of sensor types and interfaces, and the DEWE-3050 is no exception to this rule. You can add these additional input types and bus interfaces to the DEWE-3050, and they will be displayed and recorded in the same software, perfectly synchronized!

  • VIDEO - from simple webcam to our high speed DEWE-CAM and Gig-E cameras
  • VIDEO DATA - from FLIR infra-red cameras, or from RADAR sensors like the Velodyne
  • GPS - from low-cost 1 Hz sensors all the way to the high-end DEWE-VGPS-200 and DEWE-VGPS-HS, used for dynamic vehicle testing and speed trials
  • CAN BUS - available right on the ORION series A/D card, you can have up to 8 CAN BUS interfaces on the DEWE-3050, recording hundreds of channels
  • ARINC 429 - up to 16 ARINC buses, each with dozens or hundreds of channels can be added to the D410
  • MIL-STD-1553 - up to 8 dual redundant 1553 buses, each with dozens or hundreds of parameters, can be recorded and displayed
  • PCM data - from spacecraft or missiles, can be added to the DEWE-3050, using the Tarsus PCM interface card and the software option
  • And more!

Hot-swappable batteries

The D410 can be plugged directly into 120/240VAC power, but it also has an incredible UPS built in, which will power the system for up to 3 hours without power! These SideHAND2 series "smart batteries" can even be hot-swapped while the system is running. When the system is connected to power, it will recharge the batteries automatically, whenever needed.

Easy software

All of the data processing power mentioned above would be of little use without an excellent software package to back it up, and that is exactly what the D410 includes. Our software brings all of those data inputs to life on easy setup and display screens. You can even tailor your own screens any way that you like, moving the elements around and sizing them according to your tastes.

Record continuously to disk, or set a time or file size limit. Or, set up triggering to start and stop recording according to what's happening within the data. You can automate the system as much as you like with these controls, as well as the built-in sequencer tool.

A rich palette of MATH functions allows you to process the channels with filtering, integration, derivation, polynomials, advanced TRIG and algebraic expressions, to calculate statistics from the data, and much more. These functions can be added and run in real time, or you can add or modify them later and recalculate the results off-line. You can even move the data to your desktop computer and run the analysis there at the comfort of your desk - no need to buy another software license, because this function is included as a standard. Install the software for analysis on any number of computers that you like - there is no limitation.

We also provide built-in exporting to a wide variety of other formats, including delimited ASCII, MATLAB, EXCEL, and more than a dozen more. New export filters are being added all the time.


The D410 is a premiere data acquisition system from the leader in this field. The conveniences and genius of the hardware platform, combined with the top notch data acquisition signal conditioners and A/D technologies, as well as support and deep integration of best of breed sensors and interfaces, put this system into a class of its own.

Please contact DEWETRON for a demonstration at your site, or simply to learn more.

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