Powerful, web-based ID management system

Product Announcement from Matica Technologies Inc.

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IDExpert® SmartACT

IDExpert® SmartACT is perfectly suited for companies and organizations of any size with a special demand for different levels of security requirements and complex integrations. It is a powerful, web-based, standardized ID management system that manages all credentials throughout their complete lifecycle. To meet the current market trends, it was created in an attractive and modern design. IDExpert® SmartACT boasts a user-friendly and easy-to-handle, freely selectable graphical user interface. It enables personalization and management of all credentials for different groups of persons with fully customizable screen layouts.

Product Highlights and Features

  • Intuitive multilingual user interface (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • Multiuser capability with a role-based authorization concept
  • Configurable categories e.g. for internal users or via LDAP group membership fo role-based access
  • Management of master data for a variety of groups and organizations (e.g. employees, visitors, external staff, external companies)
  • Convenient definition, personalization and management of different credentials (ID cards, USB tokens, NFC mobile phones)
  • Standardized workflow
  • Integrated Card Designer with all functions and tools to create custom designed card layouts quickly and easily
  • Detailed encoding possibilities for RFID, contact and contactless chips, magnetic stripes, barcodes
  • Mass personalization
  • Professional image capture using different capture sources
  • Live image functionality with automatic image enhancement
  • Online LDAP and ODBC interfaces
  • Automatic or manual synchronization to external databases and X.500 directories
  • Interfaces to external applications


Matica System is a leading worldwide company that designs, manufactures and markets card personalization, card mailing systems and ID card printers. The product portfolio includes proprietary designed high speed, midrange and desktop solutions for banking, government, ID, passports, access control and transportation applications.


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