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The high performance Downflo® Oval (DFO) family of over-achieving dust collectors is the best value available. Providing up to 25 percent more filtration capacity than same-sized cartridge collectors, DFO adds up to long-term savings and better performance.

The DFO advantage is found in the collector's patented design and components. Proprietary, ultra efficient filter media and cleaning technology allow more airflow through the collector without increasing the size of the footprint or damaging the filters.

A smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space.

DFO Offers:

  • Lower initial cost per cubic foot of air per minute (cfm)
  • Higher efficiency—cleaner air
  • Lower pressure drop—greater energy savings
  • Fewer filter changeouts
  • Reduced filter disposal cost
  • Easy system setup
  • Less maintenance
  • 10-year warranty
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