Low Cost Alternative to Electric Injector Pumps

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SuperDos®- 15TF, 20, 30, 45, 90 Injector Series

Replaces the Advantage line of injectors. Flow Rates 0.04 - 90 gpm / 0,15 l/mn – 340.69 l/mn Injection Ratios 1:200-1:20 or 0.5%-5.0%

Dosmatic SuperDos mid-high flow, fluid (water)-driven proportional injectors offer a low cost alternative to traditional electric technology. Unlike traditional electric pumps, the SuperDos injectors eliminate the need for electricity and can operate in remote areas. Easy to install and maintain making them ideal for mid-high-flow injection applications.

Now available for Peracetic Acid (PAA).

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Safe and cost effective

The non-electric Dosmatic injectors reduce the liability risk concerns associated with traditional electrical pumps. The Dosmatic injectors use a patented one-way gasket. Only the mixing chamber and the lower end are exposed to the chemical. This prolongs the life of the motor, and the innovative mixing chamber design also ensures a thorough and precise mixing of the fluid and injected chemical. Typically, non-electric injectors reduce start-up costs by 30-60% over traditional electric injectors.

The SuperDos Injector Series can be used for:

  • Food processing treatments where disinfecting and surface cleaning are needed, such as bottle line cleaning, deodorizing seafood ice displays, ice making sanitation
  • Fire fighting and prevention applications, such as fire suppression foaming chemicals.
  • Horticulture treatments, such as dispensing fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, acids, and disinfectants in high flow applications.
  • Metal processing and parts wash treatments by dispensing coolants, oils, solvents, cutting fluids, soaps in high flow applications.
  • Pest control applications by providing the accurate dispensing of chemicals with minimal waste, pesticides, misting systems, panel systems termiticides, spray trucks and vector control.
  • Odor misting control for land fills dumpsters and oils.
  • Specialty applications, such as asphalt treatment, biodecontamination, water jet cleaning, concrete treatment, and timber treatment.
  • Vehicle wash treatments, to accurately dispense soaps, polishes, drying agents, and triple foam.
  • Water treatment applications that inject chemicals into residential and industrial water supplies.
  • Injecting diesel additives and treatment for diesel fuel

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