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SteadyWeb™ 5 Web Tension Controller

Product Announcement from Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc.

SteadyWeb™ 5 Web Tension Controller-Image

Tension measurement and controls manufacturer Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) introduces the new, feature-packed SteadyWeb5 Digital Tension Controller.

The controller maintains a set tension in any continuous manufacturing process that involves web, ribbon or filament. Available in a panel-mount version or a full enclosure, the SteadyWeb5 is an automated closed-loop tension controller that takes input signals from tension transducers (mounted in the machine’s web path) and supplies a compensated control signal to a tensioning device, such as a drive, brake or clutch.

Upon trying the new controller, customers familiar with the popular, older generation SteadyWeb™ analog tension controller appreciate the easier-to-use, less complicated digital interface. The streamlined menu system, scroll knob and on-board instructional illustrations make setup a breeze on the large 4.3-inch color graphic display. This enhanced user interface is helpful to production technicians who are trying to get machine operators trained and up-to-speed on tension control in less time.

Also, features like bar-graph, analog, and histogram run-mode views, TuneView™, diameter calculation, and diagnostic tools can enhance the user’s understanding of the tension variables on a machine.

• Large 4.3-inch graphic user interface

• Isolated 0-10 Vdc control output and additional 0-10 Vdc output

• Digital calibration and control for accuracy and signal stability

• Storage and recall settings for up to 32 job setups

• Choice of 100-240 Vac or 24 Vdc power input

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