High-Strength Solution for Trailer Flooring

Product Announcement from Dow Automotive Systems

High-Strength Solution for Trailer Flooring-Image

UPM and Dow Automotive Systems present pioneering solution for fully bonded plywood trailer floors

UPM and Dow Automotive Systems will present an innovative, new solution for mounting floors to trailer bodies. Using the WISA® Bonded Floor Solution, a combination of  WISA® plywood flooring and BETAMATE™ adhesives - which were developed exclusively for this solution - the floor is bonded to the trailer body eliminating the need for mechanical fixtures, offering increased structural rigidity, improved durability, enhanced acoustics and superior corrosion protection. 

Until now, plywood floors had to be mechanically fastened to the trailer body:  the plywood flooring was joined to the body with screws or bolts requiring drilling up to 200-300 screws, which could then lead to corrosion and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues. In an effort to resolve these challenges, additional sealing of the mechanical fastening is needed, adding a further step to the mounting process.   Overall, mechanical fasteners limit durability while requiring attention to increased maintenance.

Dow Automotive Systems and UPM have developed a "one-stop" solution that not only eliminates mechanical fixtures, but directly bonds the plywood floor to the trailer body using polyurethane adhesives.  Due to the continuous bond line, the plywood flooring is as robust and secure as flooring mounted with traditional fasteners.  In fact, the continuous bond line spreads loads more evenly than the point supports provided by mechanical fasteners, thereby facilitating an improved joint performance. In addition to increasing the structural rigidity of the trailer, this new solution also provides several other end-user benefits including: improved resistance to corrosion and water absorption, improved durability and a quieter ride.  This new flooring system may also help reduce the maintenance required for the trailer.

Trailer builders can order their tailor-cut plywood floor kit from UPM, and it is delivered - along with the appropriate Dow adhesive - directly to the builder thus simplifying the production process.