High-performance Cavity-sealing Solutions

Product Announcement from Dow Automotive Systems

High-performance Cavity-sealing Solutions-Image

BETAFOAM™ Renue two-part polyurethane from Dow Automotive Systems, made with 25% renewable-based material, provides improved acoustical performance of one to five decibels and minimizes resonance build-up while sealing vehicle cavities. They are light weight and create a potential mass savings of up to 30% versus previous generations of BETAFOAM.

Currently used on more than 30 vehicles now in production, BETAFOAM offers performance and processing advantages over traditional baffles. BETAFOAM is typically used to seal vehicle cavities to provide advantages in managing noise, vibration and harshness. Because the foam is pumped into cavities, it completely fills complex, three-dimensional crevices.

Watch a video demonstration to learn more about BETAFOAM