Powerful Polyurethane Solutions for Electronics

Product Announcement from Dow Polyurethanes

Dow provides powerful solutions for a wide range of electronic and electrical applications, backed by the consistency and reliability that are crucial in this competitive industry. It starts with our strong commitment to quality control, helping provide greater assurance of product purity.

With a deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry, we offer a broad and versatile portfolio of products that enable fast cutting with excellent stability and outstanding mechanical properties - and much more. We also have decades of experience working with customers around the world to provide specialized solutions to meet even the most demanding performance requirements.

Consult our Product Finder or you can also contact us about developing a customized solution for your unique requirements.

Superior Hydrophobic Performance

Our hydrophobic polyols help to meet more stringent requirements in a variety of high-end applications like electronic potting, and offer a superior combination of hydrophobicity, performance, and processability when compared with polyols of similar hydrophobic character. They contribute to an improvement in moisture vapor transmission resistance, while maintaining tensile strength, tear strength, flexibility, and UV resistance. Ask us for details.