TRAFFIDECK™ Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing

Product Announcement from Dow Polyurethanes

TRAFFIDECK™ Waterproofing and Anti-Slip Surfacing Systems provide a combination of ease of use, fast installation and durable performance. Quick cure times allow treated decks to be returned to service within a few hours of coating, offering specifiers and installers a distinct alternative to traditional waterproofing products and methods.

TRAFFIDECK Systems’ features include:
- Greater durability – up to 4 mm build thickness
- Fast application – surfaces can handle traffic the same day, even at low temperatures
- Solventless formulation
- No noxious odors

- Polyurethane-based
- High tensile strength
- Crack bridging ability
- High elasticity over wide temperature range
- Excellent adhesion
- Hand or spray applied
- Resistant to chloride, automotive fuels and oil attack
- Absorbs minor structural movements and deflections caused by vehicular traffic

TRAFFIDECK Systems can be used to waterproof:
- Car park top decks
- Roofs
- Bridges and walkways
- Buried membranes
- Plaza decks
- Balconies