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Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange Resins technologies from Dow Water & Process Solutions are helping the world’s leading energy companies drive down the cost—and environmental footprint—of generating power. Dow water purification components are among the most widely used in the power industry, including oil field water sulfate removal, because of their consistently high quality and reliability.

The power generation industry relies on pure water in order to complete the processes necessary to generate electricity, and Dow components are widely-recognized as high quality, consistent products with the high reliability rates in the power industry. These technologies allow the world's leading power companies to utilize water and other natural resources more efficiently, saving money, energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and driving business.

DOW FILMTEC™ Membranes Product Spectrum for Power Generation Guide.

Power Generation Applications


Dow Water & Process Solutions' ion exchange resins play an important role in protecting nuclear and fossil fuel power generation components from corrosion, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing plant life. Dow offers solutions for boiler make-up and condensate polishing in the conventional island and the trace removal of mercury, boron, and other contaminants in the flue gas desulphurization unit (FGD).


Dow Water & Process Solutions components support more environmentally-responsible, safer, more reliable and efficient nuclear applications. AMBERLITE™ resin is globally-trusted for various applications inside a nuclear island.


Dow Water & Process Solutions offers technologies that support efficient and cost-effective renewable energy system manufacture and operation.

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