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On average, municipal source water contains 90 different types of particulate contaminants.

On its journey from sky to faucet, water accumulates a wide variety of particles that can be harmful to people and impair its use for industrial purposes. DOW™ Ultrafiltration technology is a safe choice for managing unwanted contaminants. With a pore size of only 0.03 microns, DOW™ UF products help remove more particulates than standard media filtration and other membrane filtration products.

Solving municipal water challenges worldwide.

Technologies from Dow Water & Process Solutions are helping improve the efficiency of water treatment processes worldwide, making it possible for communities to derive greater quantities of usable water — more cost-effectively. DOW™ UF modules set the standard for RO pre-treatment, stand-alone drinking water production, and tertiary wastewater treatment and reuse. Rely on DOW™ UF technology in your community.

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