New BG45 Brushless motor

Product Announcement from Dunkermotoren - USA

New BG45 Brushless motor-Image

The technology-leader of motion solutions, Dunkermotoren of Germany, now offers a new high power density Brushless DC motor. The BG45 series is available in 2 stack lengths, and can deliver up to 70W of continuous power in a compact package.

This new motor frame is available in 6 levels of integral electronics solutions that range from a simple commutation electronics (KI), up to a freely-programmable servo-controller with bus interface (MI).

This new motor frame is also available with Hall sensors only, under the BG42 series.

Consistent with the well-proven BG65 and BG75 series, the BG45 features the KI, SI, PI, CI, MI and PB levels of integrated electronics.

For instance, the "PI" version provides in one package a complete brushless DC Servo motor with integrated digital motion controller. The parameterization software (for PC) makes the commissioning and setup of a servo motor in speed, torque or positioning modes a child's play.

Dunkermotoren's innovative concepts of Brushless DC motors with Integral Electronics significantly reduce the overall complexity and cost of an entire system.

With a wide range of planetary and worm gears, the BG45 series can be optimally adapted to the torque and speed requirements of a particular application. Other standard options include Brakes, and Absolute encoders.

The BG45 series is very well suited for applications in demanding markets such as factory automation, medical, solar tracking systems, postal automation, printing, textile, packaging, or wood-working.

Dunkermotoren is a world leader designer and manufacturer of innovative sub-fractional DC, Brushless DC, AC motors for the medical, factory automation, pump, banking, printing, material handling, packaging, and postal automation markets. With its global headquarters located in Bonndorf (Black forest), Germany, and its North-American headquarters located in Elgin, IL (Chicago), Dunkermotoren has a unique approach and commitment to helping its customers design better motion solutions for their products. We support our OEMs globally through our multiple operations in Europe, Asia and North America, and through our local business partners.

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