MISO Vibration Controller PREMAX MI-8018

Product Announcement from ECON Technologies

MISO Vibration Controller PREMAX MI-8018-Image

The next generation of vibration controller is now available in ECON for large-scale MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), MESA (Multiple Exciter, Single Axis) and MEMA (Multiple Exciter, Multiple Axes) control application. It adopts PXI bus structure and multi-DSPs technology to perform powerful and precise control and analysis, just like series of synchronized high performance vibration controller working together without degrading performance of each other.


Up to 64 input channels in a single chasis

Based on PXI bus and real-time operating systems, multi-DSP parallel processing technology, and real-time control

Remote control via Gigabit Ethernet

Re-connect after network fail without missing data

110 dB dynamic range based on 24-bit resolution, 32-bit floating DSP computation, and low noise design

10 Control applications

Control frequency of Random up to 18750 Hz, resolution up to 6400, dynamic range > 90 dB

Main Applications





Sine on Random (SoR)

Random on Random (RoR)

Sine and Random on Random (SRoR)

Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)

Transient Time History (TTH)

Long Time History for Road Simulation (LTH)


Other Applications (optional)

Waveform Editor

Channel Limit Spectrum Control

Kurtosis Control?Random / ROR)

Step Test?Sine / RSTD)

Harmonic Distortion Detection?Sine / RSTD)

SRS Analysis (Shock / TTH)

Digital I / O interface

Automatically Obtain TEDS Information


Offline View

MATLAB Interface