Bend-it Equipment for Bending Exhaust Pipes

Product Announcement from ELT Tooling, Inc.

Bend-it Equipment for Bending Exhaust Pipes-Image

The Bend-it is a bender that was specifically designed to bend automotive exhaust and tail pipes. These sizes are typically 1 ½" - 3.0" in outside diameter. The typical center line radius that the Bend-It utilizes is 1.75D. The typical muffler shop manual bender can only bend 2D before wrinkling or excessive marking occurs. A big advantage that this tighter radius bending capability will provide is more flexibility with the routing of the pipe.


The Bend-It also does an outstanding job bending stainless tubing. The new control that was designed specifically for the Bend-It utilizes state of the art electronics. It incorporates a self-diagnostic program to test practically every portion of the machine.

There are approximately 1,000 pre-programmed part numbers available for purchase. They are categorized by Walker's part numbers. The machine is also programmable. The control will accept Bend Data Card format. The control also has a design mode for copies existing pipes. The operation of the machine is very easy to learn. A new operator should be able to operate the bender with just a few hours of training. Optional tooling is available.

Bend-It Demo