CNC Electric Servo Tube Bender

Product Announcement from ELT Tooling, Inc.

CNC Electric Servo Tube Bender-Image

If you are in the market for a new CNC bending machine, you may want to consider purchasing one of these V Series models. These bending machines come equipped with 4 electric axis, (y, b, c, and x axis). They also combine Rotary Draw, Roll (push bending) and 1 D bending technologies.

This combination allows 2 different fixed radii and a multiple large roll bending radius in a single part, as well as a programmable carriage boost for CLR of 1 D bending. Coupled with individual Pressure Die Assist Systems in each draw bending stack, it brings superior performance and flexibility.

These models are offered in the following sizes:

  • 20 mm
  • 39 mm
  • 51 mm
  • 63 mm
  • 80 mm
  • 90 mm

These models of bending machines are very reasonably priced and we welcome the opportunity to review your bending, end forming tooling or equipment requirements.

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