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E-Labs has an extensive background in the development and testing of Less Than Lethal (LTL) devices. They were the first to develop a measuring system to capture blunt force or impulse of a round in real time. The Ballistic Impulse Measuring System (BIMS) developed by E-Labs was used on USMC programs to evaluate LTL rounds and compare impulses on a one to one basis.


  • Velocity measurement.
  • Trajectory verification, distance verification.
  • OC spray performance characterization.
  • Fragmentation mapping.
  • High speed camera to 8,000 frames per second.
  • Light output phototropic.
  • Light plume size.
  • Sound output.
  • Fire susceptibility.
  • 12 guage and 40 mm projectile characterization.
  • Flash bang and diversionary characterization.
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