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Optical Testing Services-Image

With state-of-the-art High speed CCD based Multi-channel Spectroradiometer, Precision lamp sources, High-intensity projection Sources as well as Integrating Spheres enables E-LABS to perform complex Luminous (photopic) transmittance and NVG-weighted transmittance measurements as specified in ATPD 2352.

In addition to high resolution cameras to capture Optical Angular Deviation in accordance with ASTM F801-96 and Optical Distortion using grid line slope in accordance with ASTM F2156-06 and ANZI/SAE Z26.1-1996 allows E-LABS to test Transparent Armor as well as Display monitors, Night Vision goggles and Aircraft Canopy's to mention a few.

With our Optical/Environmental/Dynamic capabilities this enable E-Labs to perform a wide variety of testing in accordance with MIL-DTL-62420B(AT) for periscopes and other unity vision devices for combat type vehicles.

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