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Android & Bluetooth Activated Switch

Product Announcement from EMX Industries, Inc.

Android & Bluetooth Activated Switch -Image

BlueGuard™Bluetooth® Enabled Stand-Alone Switch

BlueGuard Android application opens the doors for you!

The BlueGuard Android application makes it easy for you to control the BlueGuard device right from the home screen of your Android cell phone. This application enables one touch operation of the BlueGuard VK models.

BlueGuard VK devices can control garage doors, gates, electrical locks, car alarms, and in any other device that has an electrical switch.

Switch ON /OFF anything with your Bluetooth® enabled cell phone. BlueGuard™ recognizes Bluetooth® enabled cell phones when they move into range or when code is keyed into the cellphone. It verifies the phone's unique ID and then activates the BlueGuard output.

Benefits include:

  • Hands-free operation
  • Eliminates need for RFID or access cards
  • Extended range
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy to set up
  • Features
    • Detection range: 33 feet
    • Capacity: 10 cell phones for hands free or unlimited for code operation
    • Relay outputs pulse or presence on normally open and normally closed contact connection
    • Arming input inhibits activation unless vehicle is present
    • Water-tight enclosure
    • PIN protected programming
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