NEW Ultima Steel Hand Pumps from Enerpac

Product Announcement from ENERPAC

NEW Ultima Steel Hand Pumps from Enerpac-Image

Apr 16, 2012 - The NEW Enerpac Ultima Steel Hand Pump is suited for applications that entail harsh or severe operating conditions. The steel construction allows the pumps to withstand abuse. The construction is more durable than many competitive alternatives, which are fabricated from aluminum, zinc, or some combination of the two materials. You can often find Enerpac steel hand pumps being used in shipyards, construction sites, mining applications, in the steel industry, and for traditional maintenance & repair applications.

Easy to Use

  • Optimized design delivers maximum performance on every stroke with less handle effort (market leading)
  • Bypass system increases efficiency
  • Power Push grip makes the job easier and reduces fatigue with increased comfort (market leading)
  • Vent-free reservoir prevents vapor lock
  • Easy to refill pump with oil
  • Sure-grip Release Valve is ergonomically designed for better control
  • Integrated carrying handle is hassle-free and durable

Safe to Operate

  • Integrated tank over-pressurization protection
  • Wider foot print increases stability
  • Vent-free reservoir prevents dangerous spills

Stays on the Job Longer

  • Handle linkage design increases durability
  • High flow first stage and low effort second stage means more productivity, less fatigue
  • Chrome plated plunger and wiper prevent contamination and extend product life
  • All steel construction for years of reliable service

Like the previous Enerpac steel hand pumps, the new design offers:

  • Wide array of value options
  • Different reservoir capacity options
  • Single speed and two-speed operation