RC-Series DUO Cylinders

Product Announcement from ENERPAC

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The unique Enerpac GR2 bearing system protects the longer stroke RC-Series DUO models by surrounding the seal. This innovative design also distributes lateral loads more effectively, increasing cylinder life, to help you stay on the job longer.

Heavy-duty pre-tensioned spring improves retraction rate to get the job done faster. Enerpac's easy access design (requiring only standard shop tools) reduces maintenance downtime.

The Enerpac RC-Series DUO's new GR2 bearing technology easily withstands lateral forces and dynamic loads preventing galling and premature bearing failure. It keeps your work on schedule - safely.

More information:

  • Included is a golden ring that absorbs eccentric loading without galling cylinder parts
  • Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixturing (on most models)
  • Designed for use in all positions
  • High strength alloy steel for durability
  • Nickel plating available on most models (contact Enerpac for details)
  • Heavy-duty return springs
  • Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • CR-400 coupler and dust cap included on all models
  • Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life
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