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Why would you use a Duocel® foam air/oil separator?

Air oil separators have been used to separate oil from hot gasses ever since the invention of the turbine jet engine by utilizing a set of rotating paddles. Within the last 10 years the aerospace industry has moved away from the paddle design and is now utilizing foam metals. Duocel® aluminum foam is rapidly becoming the industry standard by which all others are being judged. Custom designed air oil separators are manufactured to meet the most challenging requirements.


Who uses Duocel® foam air/oil separators?

Air/oil separators are typically used in aircraft engine gearboxes where high performance is required from a compact & lightweight design.

Physical Characteristics of Duocel® Aluminum Foam* (8% Nominal Density 6101-T6)

Compression Strength 367 psi (2.53 MPa)
Tensile Strength* 180 psi (1.24 MPa)
Shear Strength 190 psi (1.31 MPa)
Modulus of Elasticity (Compression)* 15 × 103 psi (103.08 MPa)
Modulus of Elasticity (Tension)* 14.6 × 103 psi (101.84 MPa)
Shear Modulus 2.9 × 104 psi (199.95 MPa)
Vickers Pyramid Number 35 HV
Specific Heat .214 BTU/lb-°F (.895 J/g-C)
Bulk Thermal Conductivity 3.4 BTU/ft-hr-F (5.8 W/m-C)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (0-100°C)  13.1 × 10-6 in/in--F (23.58 × 10-6 m/m--C)
Bulk Resistivity 2.84 × 10-5 ohm - in   (7.2 × 10-5 ohm - cm)
Melting Point 1220°F (660°C)

*these values were derived from small samples where edge effects influenced the results. Larger samples having a minimum of 10-15 bubble diameter produce more general test results which are in better compliance with the equations.

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