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Porous Metal Breather Plugs-Image

Porous metal is ideal for preventing sudden surges in air due to its open cell nature and the ability of air to flow through the material. By adjusting the porosity and density of the foam it is possible accurately control the air flow rate through the material. The unique nature of its open celled structure allows the core to breath while providing protection against foreign debris, electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and potentially harmful environmental hazards. Additional advantages are seen in the material to wick moisture out of electrical boxes while maintaining the ability to withstand military specification corrosive salt tests.

The specifically designed Duocel® breather plugs are particularly useful in applications requiring quick equalization of pressure changes such as guided munitions.

With our extensive knowledge of the pressure drop characteristics of our material we will work together to custom design and manufacture high quality breather plugs for your application.

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