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Dross Removal (Deburring) Equipment

Product Announcement from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Dross Removal (Deburring) Equipment-Image

L-TEC offers a line of Slab Deburring Systems. This equipment removes the Burr (Dross, Beard) after torch cutting of steel slabs.

The many advantages provided by mechanical deburring of cross cut slabs include:

• Lowest initial cost, lowest installation cost, lowest operating cost (electric & hydraulic and lowest maintenance compared to competitive equipment.
• Four (4) edged blades extend service life and allow operator to use one side for narrow and one side for wide slabs.
• Tilting deburring blade removes burr from cross cut ends of slabs and blooms.
• Reduces the costly, time-consuming handling of hand scarfing or other removal methods.
• Can be interfaced with mill hydraulics, PLC and computer systems
• Ensures consistent steel quality
• Absolutely low noise as compared to high speed rotating varieties, simple operation.

Visit the L-TEC website for more information.

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